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Details about copyright on pictures and texts.
If not annotated otherwise, the copyright for texts and pictures published on these pages lies with BEO-BOOKS, Katarina Belovukovic. Every remark about a paragraph or a picture being taken from a certain book or catalogue or being provided by some named person or institution is to be seen as an annotation in these terms.
To pictures and texts for which BEO-BOOKS holds the copyright the following terms apply in general:
For private use the storing and reproducing is allowed. If giving access to other persons or if publishing them, the source of the pictures or texts is to be noted and the copyright of BEO-BOOKS has to be clearly stated.
For commercial usage, it is necessary to obtain consent from BEO-BOOKS in written form.
The copyright for the book covers on these pages is generally held by the particular publisher (or at least they should know who owns it). So it is not explicitly specified in these cases.
All other pictures are provided with a reference to the corresponding entry in the list of copyright owners given below. Furthermore the source is given besides those pictures whose copyright is not held by BEO-BOOKS.
We resolved showing the email addresses here in a graphical representation and not to link them anymore. Though this of course is a bit oft an obstacle when you want to use them, we try in this way by all means to avoid the recepients to be molested by spam.

We kindly ask for your understanding.
© Draganic, Beograd
© Clio, Beograd
© Idea, Beograd
© Equilibrium, Beograd
© Dereta, Beograd
© Prometej, Novi Sad
© Svetovi, Novi Sad
© Filip Visnjic, Beograd
© Kornet, Beograd
© Globosino Aleksandrija, Beograd
© Platoneum, Novi Sad
  © Matica srpska, Novi Sad
  © Srpska knjizevna zadruga, Beograd
  © Jasen, Beograd
© Prosveta, Beograd
© Stubovi Kulture, Beograd
© ECOLIBRI, Beograd
© Blago Sirmijuma, Sremska Mitrovica
© Kreativni centar, Beograd
© Bookland, Beograd
  © Novinsko-izdavacki centar vojska, Beograd  
  © Narodna knjiga, Beograd
  © Zavod za udzbenike i nastavna sredstva, Beograd
© Princip - Bonart Pres, Beograd
© Zavet, Beograd
  © Mnemosyne, Beograd
  © Serbian orthodox church, Beograd
  © Serbian Institute for Protection of Historical Monuments, Beograd
  © Belgrade Institute for Protection of Historical Monuments
  © Regional Institute for Protection of Historical Monuments, Smederevo
  © Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Beograd
  © Geographical Institute "Jovan Cvijic", Beograd
  © Archaeological Institute, Beograd
  © Institute for Balkan Studies, Beograd
  © Center for scientific research, Kragujevac  
  © The Conservators Society of Serbia, Beograd
  © Research Center, Ravna  
  © National Museum, Beograd
  © Ethnographical Museum, Beograd
  © Municipal Museum, Beograd
  © National Museum, Cacak
  © Museum in Prijepolje
  © Muzej Vojvodine, Novi Sad
  © National Museum, Pozarevac  
  © Municipal Museum, Zrenjanin
  © Museum of Local History, Aleksandrovac
  © National Museum, Kikinda
  © Museum of Local History, Knjazevac  
  © National Museum, Pancevo  
  © National Museum, Vrsac
  © Tourist Organization, Uzice
  © Tourist Organization, Gornji Milanovac
  © Politika, daily paper
  © Town of Kragujevac
  © Town of Kraljevo
  © Town of Leskovac
  © Town of Negotin
  © Town of Smederevo
  © Town of Smederevska Palanka
  © Town of Vranje
  © Dr. Miomir Korac  
  © Dragoljub Zamurovic
  © Henner Altevogt  
  © Katarina Belovukovic  
  © Slobodan Cvetic  
Excerpts from books represented here and book descriptions taken from the publisher's catalogues are clearly pointed out as such. The respective publisher in possession of copyright for the quoted text is noted below the quotation.
Bücher aus Serbien, Katarina Belovukovic
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