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  Order transaction
Right of Withdrawal
Protection of Data Privacy
Cost of delivery
Puchase on account
Order transaction
  For an email order please contact:
  For a postal order please use the following address:
  BEO­BOOKS ­ Bücher aus Serbien
Katarina Belovukovic
Luitpoldstraße 45
10781 Berlin
  In your order please please specify the puchase order number of the book, an author, and the title. Serbian publishers don't always follow the practice to assign an ISBN or to specify it in their catalogues.
The receipt of your order will be immediately acknowledged by email or letter.
  By placing an order you explicitly commit to our terms of business and delivery in the form actually published on the BEO-BOOKS web pages (status 1.10.2004). Among others, these contain the following important terms:

Right of Withdrawal
  Consumers have the right, to revoke the contract without giving reasons within 2 weeks after receipt of the goods. The revokation can take place in form of written declaration (per email or letter) or by returning the goods. To comply with the time limit it suffices to dispatch before the end of the term. Revocation in written form does not discharge from the immediate return of goods.

More detailed information regarding this you will find in the section Right of Withdrawal in our terms of business and delivery.

Protection of Data Privacy
  BEO­BOOKS records customers personal data where required for processing of the orders. Needed for this purpose are only the customers name, e-mail, and delivery address. These data will exclusively be used for processing of the orders.
The data will be recorded together with the related data concerning the order, delivery, and accounting as long as it is neccessary because of obligations to report.
By placing an order the customer explicitly consents to the recording of these data under the given terms.

More detailed information regarding this you will find in the section Protection of Data Privacy in our terms of business and delivery.

Cost of delivery
  Per order we actually charge € 5,00 flat rate postage and packing for dispatch within Germany.

For dispatch within other european countries (EU) we charge depending on the weight of the parcel per order:
  up to 3 kg (6.6 lb.)
over 3 kg up to 10 kg (22 lb.)
over 10 kg up to 20 kg (44 lb.)
€ 9,00
€ 16,00
€ 25,00
  Generally we also dispatch outside the EU ­ under these circumstances the cost of delivery has to be estimated individually for each single order.
  In case we dispatch books belonging to a single order in multiple parcels on to our own decision, this does not affect the charge.
  Payment is possible either by transfer to our bank account or by online transfer via moneybookers.
  Transfer via zu  ­ this is how it works:  
  You open an account at with your email address. This "account" you can fund by transfer from your bank account or by credit card according to your needs. According to the current conditions (March 2006) this is possible free of charge in over 25 countries.
You can now send the requested amount via moneybookers to our email address Email to BEO-BOOKS. The fee for this currently amounts to 1% of the transferred sum, but maximum EUR 0.50. The transfer will arrive at our account more or less immediately. Don't forget to quote our invoice number in the payment.

Please inform youself about the latest terms and conditions directly at   to
  Delivery takes place after advanced payment. You will get the invoice when we received the ordered books from our supplier. Shipping will take place immediately after the payment is credited on our account.
The delivery period for the books ordered from Serbia can be from 2 to 6 weeks. Should the delivery be delayed past this schedule, you will promptly be notified.
Please take into account that serbian publishers as a rule don't shrink-wrap their books.

Generally we dispatch within Germany and other countries of the European Union. Extending this statement of our Terms of business and delivery, dispatch to other destinations worldwide is possible, but has to be agreed upon in every individual case. This especially includes the cost of delivery as well as the coverage of possible duty or taxe costs.
Puchase on account
  Extending the corresponding statement in our Terms of business and delivery we may consent to puchase on account in case of succesive orders if the amount of the invoice doesn't exceed € 200,­. Such an agreement needs to be confirmed by BEO-BOOKS in written form. In this case you will receive the invoice together with the goods.
  Send request to:
If a book is not yet available, we will readily note down your order.
  If an ordered book is out of print, we will with your approval try to obtain it from a different publisher.
  Do you have any questions concerning books we don't list or are you looking for further specialist literature? We are always prepared to assist you.
Bücher aus Serbien, Katarina Belovukovic
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