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Special offer April / May 2004

600 Years Capital Belgrade
package II - history

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600 hundred years ago Despot Stefan Lazarević has declared Belgrade the serbian capital. On the occasion of this anniversary we offer books about Belgrade on reduced price. On this purpose we have put together 4 packages covering different fields, each containing 5 books. For the books available in more than one language, please note the language of your choice when ordering.

If you order one of these packages in the period from 1st April to 31st May, we shall grant you a discount of 10% on the regular price - in this period the package II costs € 104,45, including value added tax, plus shipping costs (regular price: € 116,05). For the Information on the shipping costs please refer to the order page.
( Package I € 118,40 Package III € 58,25 Package IV € 148,90)
  Package I - Culture and History of civilisation
  Package II - History
  Package III - Fiction
  Package IV - Tourist guide-books and Monographs
Package II - History
until 31.5.2004 on reduced total price of EUR 104,45
Puchase order no.
Ilustrovana istorija Beograda
Marija Ilic-Agapova, Ilustrovana istorija Beograda
Publisher: Dereta
HC; Illustrated
Puchase order no.: 100195
Regular catalogue price: € 17,55
  Kratka istorija Beograda  
Milorad Pavic, Kratka istorija Beograda
Short History of Belgrade
Publisher: Dereta
72 Pg.; HC; Illustrated
Puchase order no.: 100203
Regular catalogue price: € 11,10
  Istorija Beograda  
Grupa autora, Istorija Beograda
Publisher: Draganic
608 Pg.; HC;
Puchase order no.: 101615
Regular catalogue price: € 50,00
  Beograd u dvadesetom veku  
Djordje O. Piljevic, Beograd u dvadesetom veku
Publisher: Institut za noviju istoriju Srbije
Puchase order no.: 103210
Regular catalogue price: € 21,30
  Beograd u delima evropskih putopisaca  
Djordje S. Kostic, Beograd u delima evropskih putopisaca
Publisher: Balkanoloski institut
Puchase order no.: 102192
Regular catalogue price: € 16,10
Bücher aus Serbien, Katarina Belovukovic
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